to creating your own online courses

I offer 2 online courses designed to help Therapists and Counsellors create courses online - and start a passive income.

[1] Course Creation Training: the golden honeycomb training to create your own online courses:

This 8 week online course offers a box-set on how to create your own online course from scratch - even if you have multiple ideas or none.

As a passive income, particularly in this time of Coronavirus as we move to online work, as Therapists or Counsellors, this training has been created with you in mind. 

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[2] 'Lara's Teacher INSET Training'

This short, done-for-you course I offer is 'Lara's Teacher INSET Training' which can also be adapted for Parents. The title of the Training you will give from that is: 'Creating Contented Children in your Classroom'.

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