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Ever had SandSymbol envy when looking at other therapists’ amazing collections and wished you had some lovely symbols too … but couldn’t seem to find or afford them?

Why not be ‘crafty’ and create your own? No need to be artistic (though welcome if you are!) just be ready to be creative.

What will you create on the day? We’ll have a go at:

  • The four elements of earth, air, fire and water – using clay, you can make your own to add these essential symbols to your collection. I have also developed an easy way to make clay babies - a great addition toyour Symbols set! These will be baked and painted.

  • Mandala stones, Story Stones and Inspiration stones – using stones and paint to get you started. 

  • Gems and jewels – using glass cabochons and nail polish to try methods such as glitter and cracking to create a variety of stones that will resonate with your client’s psyche. 

  • A decoupage treasure chest to hold the treasures that can symbolise the Self.


The day is led by Lara Kasza and runs from 10am to 4pm at The SandStory Centre (Stanmore, HA7 3PF) and costs £100 (all materials provided).


It includes an optional visit to Lara's little SandSymbol Shop of Symbols for sale.

All you need to bring is: a packed lunch, old magazines, your favourite nail polishes and an enthusiastic spirit! This is also a lovely opportunity to chat with other Play Therapists, Sandtray and Sandplay Therapists, as we create new SandSymbols over tea, coffee and choccy biscuits. 


Available dates for 2019:

  • Saturday 7 September

  • Saturday 12 October

  • Saturday 7 December

Available dates for 2020:

  • Saturday 8 February

  • Saturday 11 April

  • Saturday 20 June

  • Saturday 11 July

  • Saturday 17 October

  • Saturday 7 November

On each Day there are 6 spaces available, so grab a buddy and come along. If there are 4 people attending, the Day will go ahead but of there are less, we will reschedule to another day.

To find out more, to ask for a specific date, or to ask for a non-Saturday date and to book, just email me at Payment can be made below or by emailing me.


Phone: 07910386908


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