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  • ready to go safely and deeply into your unconscious state and to gently allow a full expression to emerge?

  • curious about creative therapy and open to being drawn to using sand as well as art and clay?

  • are comfortable with the 'unknowing' (that is, the non-conscious, cognitive understanding) of your inner process?

  • are ready for some transformational shifts that occur naturally and organically?



Then Sandplay Therapy may be a wonderful fit for you. Sandplay therapy is a is a form of creative therapy based on Jungian theory and developed by Dora Kalff.

Jung was convinced that we had within each one of us not only a drive to wholeness but a rich resource within us which constitutes our unique and authentic Selves.

Encountering and living from that true Self - what I call 'presence' - would bring a sense of security, of peace, true insight, clarity and a wisdom that would evolve to guide us through our interactions and relationships with others and with ourselves.



There are times when words - beautiful containers that they are - simply are not enough and are unequal to the task of expressing what goes beyond (or before) them. Sandplay Therapy offers a gentle, non-verbal, safe and supportive 'way in' - a different, although natural, way of communicating.

Whilst talking therapy works mainly in the domain of the conscious mind, Sandplay Therapy works primarily with the unconscious mind. It is often described as a 'waking dream' and flows and fits easily with talking-through when that is needed

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