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SAndstory therapy® 

Do you find that as a therapist or counsellor that you:

  • have reached a cross-roads in your life and are struggling to find the next step forward?

  • wish to have your own personal therapy so that you can develop in your personal and professional life?

  • struggle with feeling burnt-out, compassion fatigue or vicarious suffering due to your clinical workload?

  • have personal issues (such as bereavement, depression, trauma etc.) that you feel may be impacting on your client work?


If so, SandStory Therapy® may be a safe and gently explorative space for you to process at both a conscious and unconscious level all that you are holding. 


What is SandStory Therapy®?


  • SandStory Therapy® combines the therapeutic use of sand, water and SandSymbols with the expressive elements of storytelling so that as a client you are able to 'tell your story in the sand'. 

  •  SandStory Therapy® is based on the theory of Lowenfeld's 'World Technique' which developed into Sandtray Therapy and it allows you to safely express, explore and experiment with the issues you may be struggling with or growing through. 

  • SandStory Therapy® uniquely holds a safe and gentle space for your conscious to be curious and to 'dialogue' with your unconscious so that intuitive insights and significant shifts may take place.

  • SandStory Therapy® sessions include the option for talking, art and clay so that different ways of expressing the inner story are possible.


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