Certified SandStory Skills Trainer Programme:

For Therapists and Counsellors looking to become Trainers to non-therapists in SandStory Skills:


SandStory Skills equips professionals who are not therapeutically qualified with essential, safe, 'soft skills' to support the emotional wellbeing and personal development of children, young people and adults in their care. It is tailored for those who are:

    o Childminders, Nannies, Nursery Managers and Workers

    o Teachers & Teaching Assistants/One-to Ones, Learning Mentors

    o SENCOs,  ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants), Nurture Group leaders, Pastoral Teams,             Social Work Assistants

    o Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners, Behaviour Support Practitioners/ PRU teams, Residential                   Support Workers, Youth Workers, Youth Offending Team Officers.

    o Play Workers and Therapeutic Play Workers

    o Foster/Adopter Workers and Looked After Support staff. Social Care staff. Therapeutic Outreach          Workers.

    o Family Support Workers, Parent Coaches

    o Life Coaches, Career Coaches, Business Coaches

    o Spiritual Directors, Religious Heads, Religious Communities (supporting vocational discernment           etc.), Church Pastoral Teams

    o Residential Care Homes Workers, Activities Coordinators (for senior adults)

And many others!

The course is available online for Therapists and Counsellors who are interested in teaching others SandStory Skills. The training confers the title 'Certified SandStory Skills Trainer' - for more information and to enrol, click here: 


In March 2020, I taught SandStory Skills to a group of Behaviour Support Practitioners who support excluded children.

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