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Are you a qualified Counsellor working with children and young people

 or a Play & Creative Arts Therapist looking for a warm and experienced Clinical Supervisor 

  • to support you in your clinical work?

  • who is qualified at Masters level in Play Therapy?

  • who has had experience working with a variety of clients?

  • is available by Skype and/or through sessions held in a working private practice?

  • is able to support your clinical development through the use of creative media, particularly sand, in order to safely explore client issues that emerge and impact on you?

  • who aims to empower 'you as the therapy' in the sessions by focusing on deepening your presence?

  • is able to support your career development and help you to specialise if you wish to?

  • who brings a grounded, mindful and calm approach so that you have space and a sense of safe holding as you grow to step into your power as a therapist?

As a Senior Clinical supervisor, I offer creative clinical supervision at my private practice, The SandStory Centre in Stanmore (North West London, HA7 3PF) or through Skype. 


I offer wet and dry sandtrays, art and clay through which you can explore at depth your clinical work. I have found that the use of SandStory Therapy® works as a safe and gentle way of exploring the unconscious responses, of transference and counter-transference and deepening your therapeutic presence.

I offer one-to-one as well as group supervision. 


Fees are £55 per hour (or £80 per 1.5 hours) and there are 2 concession slots offered. Please do contact me and enquire if these slots are available if you are on a low income.

Please do email me if you are looking for a supervisor and I can discuss availability and time slots. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you as a companion on your therapy journey.


Creative therapy for therapists and counsellors:

During training and on qualifying, many therapists and counsellors choose to invest further in their personal growth by exploring at a deeper level their own process through personal, creative therapy.


I have worked closely with many therapists and would be honoured to work with you.

Do call for a free 30 minute chat to see if this is something that would be supportive for you.

For Therapists (and Supervisors to use with your supervisees) - a FREE resource:

We all have a growing CAPABILITY as training follows experience and our skills develop. However, we have a flexible CAPACITY to hold our client caseload - due to many variables such as our own health, personal life and self-care rhythm.

In order to help support you to become better aware of the 'weight' of your clinical caseload I have put together a brief questionnaire which allows you to quantify - out of 10 - what it feels like to work with a particular client. 

From this information, you might feel better able to assess your capacity to take on - or not - more clients or to take on - or not - more complex clients.

This will offer valuable insight into your self-care needs and the support that helps you with your 'load' - preventing burn-out.

Download the Capacity Questionnaire here for free! Do let me know how it goes:


"Since starting my practice as a trainee therapist, I feel totally supported by my supervisor Lara.

Not only am I able to have honest conversations about my practice, worries and questions as I train, but I feel that I am able to gain so much knowledge during our sessions.

We share books, articles and other resources that are useful as well as exchanging different perspectives on my clients processes in the room; this is compounded with creative exercises to explore issues in more unconscious ways.

Lara's ability to empathise and see the bigger picture simultaneously means that I get honest, sensitive feedback. This results in a confident, two-way conversation which has greatly improved my confidence and encouraged my professional curiosity."

Michaela Kemp, Certified Play & Creative Arts Therapist


Phone: 07910386908


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